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Hi All:
I’ve been trying to figure this issue out with a shop but haven’t had much luck. The passenger front window won’t go down. The shop I brought it to swapped out the relay and things worked for a bit and now they aren’t again.
The up switch works and I can hear a click when I use it on the passenger door switch or driver switch. I tried swapping the relays and the good relay does nothing in the down hole but clicks fine in the up. (Same relay, both aftermarket)
I was thinking of changing the switch but wanted to see if anyone else had ideas on what could be burning out the relays. Fuse for that window is fine, good relay in the spot and still isn’t working.
here is a photo of the relay as well.
View attachment 33266
Ok. The window switches in the doors are dependent upon each other in both the up and lower position. If either of the two associated switches don't work your symptoms will appear. If simple fuses and breakers don't make the repair it is likely that one or both switches have failed and you should always replace both switches at the same time. These are in the door at the switch toggle and must be removed by taking off the door card. The switches are very inexpensive when bought on line and are easy to find as micro switches. Take pictures of disassembly of both the door card and the switch. You can do this but remain organized.
I believe Rolls royce nut has a great video on this problem.
All the best. Rollsroycerescue.

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