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I'd like to hear your story as to why you are a Rolls-Royce or Bentley owner or fan.

People buy Toyota for the reliability and economy. They buy BMW for the handling. They buy Land Rover to go way, way off-road. Why are we such an enthused 'crewe' about RR&B?

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For the newer ones, it's because the people have lots of money and want a top luxury car and drivable status symbol.

For us prols that have to go for Spirit and Shadow types, it's because we have a genuine interest in motor cars, have usually dabbled in old cars before and want people to think we're something special for being able to afford a Rolls (when we secretly know they are not all that expensive any more, except in Germany re road Tax)!!

Most of us were probably affected at a young age by the exclusiveness of RR&B too.

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For me there were two reasons really.

firtly, many years ago, the folks had a Silver Shadow II, wonderful car, fab ride and an incredibly "safe" car too - the family were involved in a BAD motorway collisions when some berk cut them up and lsot control on the motorway. Everyone walked out unscathed. Always impressed me that.

Secondly, my main runabout (Old MK III Supra turbo) is unwell and I needed a car to use - so thought I might see what other turbos are out there which respond nicely to nitrous. If a 6.75 litre V8 isn't just begging for a nice progressive 150 bhp system I don't know what is. That plus the admiration for the Crewemobiles safety record did it for me, plus yes, I admit I wanted to have a luxurious car for once rather than a "boy racer machine".

Not fitted the nitrous yet but insurance already notified and happy, just need to get around to taking it down to Doncaster for the fitting.

Odd reasons really but there ya go. :)


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Why? well, let's face it. Is there is one car that anyone or everyone included a farmer in a very remote place would recognise is a Rolls-Royce, even if that was the first one he would see!

For me, there is of course the status, luxury, wealth associated with it (does not mean I have the wealth) which represent all by itself a symbol. I remember while being young going to the French riviera and Monaco and seeing all these awesome RR which at that time was the Silver Shadow. I was even scared to touch them!

When I moved to England and got married I shared my wildest dream with my wife about owning a RR and she told me "let's buy it!" This was in 1997 and the car is still with me to this day. By owning that car not only I have fullfilled my dream, but I also own a car that very few people in this world will ever have the chance to own. Even in some parts of the World they will never see one in their lifetime.

That car has been less expensive to own that I would have expected and I appreciate everyday the quality of craftmanship of that car. I have never regretted to buy it, and if I had to do it again today, I would. :D

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I always wanted one.

I started collecting RR brochures when I was a kid - I simply liked the cars.
Today I still have them - brochures of the late Sixties and some Seventies:
Rolls-Royce, Jaguar E-Type, Jensen Interceptor. And I'll keep 'em! :)


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I have always enjoyed older cars. My dad got me started looking at the older model vehicles. The Rolls is a status symbol for some. For me it is showing off a piece of history. I also have a 61 Corvette all original. Nothing like the older model cars for me.

Joe Long
Abilene, TX
56 RR Silver Cloud I

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Well being from the working class "outside loo "background, when leaving school i new life was an up hill challenge, and i'd been given both love and understanding by my grand parents, the meaning of right & wrong,
With all this in mind i got my head down and worked, But i found after years of being loyal to my employer that it was'nt a case of what you knew but who you we're related to,

I soon found out that three sorts of people seemed tobe in the work place,
(a) the "Why me's" of the world,ie if this sort of person was asked to do something the reply was always "Why me?" why cant you ask someone else!
by the time all this had gone on the boss may as well have done it himself.

(B) The 2nd sort of person was the one "once asked to do something" wanted to almost stand on a box and tell the world he or she had been ask to do this or that! Again a waste of time asking them.

(c) The 3rd sort, always polite and when near going home time he'd be asked "could you just do this or that before you go?
It was always done and a smile and a good night followed,

Now out of the three above, who do you think always got promoted?
Or should i say who didnt!

Answer, # 3 And why! because without that sort of person the boss had head ache after head ache trying to get the days work done,

And so #3 had little chance of the higher wage and higher wages gives you that chance to to buy better things in life,

I was the #3 for many years and then i decided to go it alone and work for myself and the one word i kept in my mind was quality,
the customer will always get "Quality evertime" and anything i bought for myself would be the same,

Hence the "Bentley". pure quality from the outside to the inside.

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I was always a big fan of quality made items. I visited Crew before it all fell apart, and was glad to see that there really was a small workforce that were dedicated to doing things right. The thrill of a Rolls Royce to me is that many people took their time and assembled a car that , if cared for, could last a lifetime!! It was NEVER how new it was, but was it a car that I would love to own ten years after the day I bought it!! I loved my Shadow, and I now have the chance to decide on exactly which Silver Spur II will thrill me for the next 20 years! Given the choice of a brand new Rolls or the 1990 Spur, I would not consider the new one for a second..... It's not about what you can afford, it's ALL about what gives me the thrill of ownership...... Searching for the car I want will be a big part of the fun of ownership!!! :D

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Hi Brandon,
I couldnt agree more with what you've said,
the very car ive bought arrives this friday 9th november 2012,

And it was made in 1988 , its not been treated the way a quality car should be treated ie used,

Dont get me wrong the cars been loved and had every thing it ever needed and more,
Even as this is my first (and i hope last good car) it reminds me of a girl i once knew who lived down the street from me as a child, she watched us kids play in the street from her window, but she was never allowed outside,
Her mother didnt want her to catch any germs,

That girl looked fantastic, always smart always clean, always loved "But never really happy,
She never enjoyed the going out with the kids feel,

The "Bentley" ive bought was once owned by very wealthy people and the car never went far in all her years,

From the day i get her she'll be used, loved , cared for, and together we'll see the miles both of the road and life together pass us by,

The way both our lives should be, both being used the way we we're made to be used.

Good luck with your search. :wink:

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That was a thought provoking topic.I liked Rolls Royce because it is a quality made car.I do also loved other cars.Cadillac's commitment to unseating German luxury automakers was made evident recently at the Detroit car show. The 2014 Cadillac ELR was unveiled. Get the car finance you need for your new vehicle.

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Yes what you've said is vert true,
I washed my Bentley today and after i'd used the leather to dry off the bodywork i stood back and still felt proud to own such a car,

I drive it most days and enjoy all the craftmanship it took to make it all those years ago.

I feel it makes you want to drive better because its so slick.

I only wish i could have bought such a car many years ago :wink:

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Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 2
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sitting comfortably

Picture the scene its 1980 and I am just turned 24 years old.
My dad is semi retired ex chauffeur, calls me up and says, how do you fancy earning some extra money and having a bit of fun at the same time, liked the idea of the money and was intrigued with the proposition.
So duly turned up at my dads suited and booted for the day ahead.
He then proceeded to teach me to drive every conceivable limo you have ever seen, turns out he got himself a nice little part time job working for a limo hire company and was in charge of the drivers.
You name it I drove it Mercedes stretch limos, Washington Continentals Cadillac de villes, Rolls Royces by the handful, if they got really busy they used to hire them in and it was only my dad and me that were allowed to drive the hired rollers.
The fleet of cars was awesome, RR silver shadows, wraiths a 1932 landau built for the king of Sweden if I remember right, blasted thing would boil in an instant, but stunning to drive as it was so far away from any modern cars, The queen mother’s Bentley can’t remember the exact model but do remember the bonnet went on for ever, no powered steering and at least three turns of the steering wheel to take up the slack, go round a corner and then let go of the steering wheel then grab it again when you felt the wheels were straight again, semi automatic gearbox with dodgy clutch engage, you had to remember to get your foot off the pedal sharpish when moving about in first or second as it would come rocketing back off the floor and let you know you were alive by trying to break your ankle. Had its own passport and this beauty had been round the world
But the overriding memory of all was the sheer joy of driving these cars and the quality, the smell of the wood and leather stayed with me for years, used to do a lot of weddings and would always take the long way back with the ribbons off the car so that folks would think I owned it, occasionally would keep the car overnight and take in to work, that was great fun.
So that’s where I got the bug and promised myself before they put the lid on I would own one of these beauties for myself, so now I have my Silver spirit and every time I drive it brings back many happy memories

Told you it was a long story

John :D

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Hi John,
Ive been away for a few days "hence" sorry for not replying sooner,

Well your a man of my own heart,
I also remember as a 5yr old school boy being told to wave the flag when miss barboo told me to
then it happend, this great big black rolls royce came around the corner and all the kids cheered, ladies starting to clap their hands and i stood waiting for miss barboo to say "now" wave your flag!

She'd forgot and then the rolls slowed right down and for a moment it came to a halt,

The back side window was right infront of my body and i could see me reflection in the paint work,
As i looked up the queen herself was looking at me and my lowered flag,

The rolls started off again on it's way along the street full of people all cheering and flag waving.

That was the very first time i'd ever really noticed cars,

I lived in a part of Liverpool we're back to back terrace housing was the norm and infact the only form of transport i'd see on a daily basis was the co-op coal truck that the people opposit drove.

I dont think any of our neighbours had vehicles,
But i had a dream of one day riding in a rolls.

As the years went by and boy became man i always looked but never dared to touch such fantastic cars as rolls/bentley and as the years of work became nearer to retirement i still never forgot that look as a lad of seeing real craftmanship driving by.

Whats been a time of the rich only being able to afford such a vehicle has changed and now ive a Bentley that was once a toy to its previous and only owner "hardly ever used" but kept like new from day one,

I use the car as my only form of daily transport and i swear the car enjoys the roads as much as i do
I really do feel part of the car "like a good piece of music, the engine just gives a slight background feel and i join in with the trend to feel good hearing and feeling the experience as we go.

It has without doubt has spoilt me as to any other car, the comfort of the seats, the smell of real leather, the touch of its paint work and feel of the drive everytime i take her out,

Yes "John" i do more than a lot of people do understand every word you say ref your roller and im pleased the car has a proud owner in you.

Good luck to you and thanks for a smashing shared experience :wink:
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