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I finally got the pictures off my camera.

First, I used a bearing puller to get the driving flange off. (BTW, these "caged" type pullers are pretty expensive, but they are sooo much easier to use than the ones with the arms flopping all around while you're trying to load it up.)

The pulley/fan mounting studs protrude a bit out the back of the flange, so one has to be careful to keep the puller's feet off of them (or else you won't get a nice, straight pull).

I don't have the bolt-type puller (which threads into the two threaded holes of the impeller), so I used some spring steel (a pair of carpenter's saws) to fill the space between the impeller and the houseing and pressed the shaft out of both in one go:

The bearing housing was quite rusty, so I taped off the machined surfaces and into the bead-blaster it went:

I then painted the housing a satin black.

Assembly was pretty straight-forward. I used the press for the gland, driving flange and impeller. They registered easily twice the force quoted in the workshop manual, even with a bit of grease on the bores.

Here's the rebuilt pump bearing housing:

-- Jeff.
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