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Well the dreaded water is back .After replacing the underlay in the boot of my car which was soaked with water .The water is now back and the new underlay is soaked again.

I have sat in side the boot with the lid shut and my dad hosed down the outside of the car and no water came in.

Im know thinking the problem may be condensation.

Has any one else experience this problem ?

Thankyou Alec

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it could be of many things alec, we have all been in the boot of a car checking for water leaks :D .

it could be : :idea:

water leaking from behind the rear lights. remove and make sure they are all sealed.

check all rubber inserts and seals are intact in the boot and behind the rear bumper.

check the boot is aligned and the rubber around the boot is not split or damaged

also for precaution check around the rear screen - rust / damaged seals.

i hope this will be helpfull, if not i hope you diagnose the problem because i know how anoying a wet carpet can be..
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