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very old rolls royce

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Hello, I found this inside a 1920s rolls Royce I am wondering what it is and if it worth anything, can anyone please help?
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Thank you.
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It's the emblem off of a cheap aftermarket key fob, sorry but it's worth absolutely nothing.
Oh, so you took it off of a key lock, that makes sense with the size of the tab and hole in it. Still, considering the condition I don't think it's worth anything at all. Just because it says Rolls-Royce on it doesn't mean it's worth something. So is it sitting on a phone, iPad, or? Some reference for size would be helpful but if it is a key lock cover it would be about 3/4 of an inch in diameter. Is that plastic on it that is all cracked? I kinda think someone glued an old aftermarket key fob emblem onto the cover which I have seen before but not with any emblem on them. Rolls-Royce tended to downplay sticking their name all over the place on their cars, especially in those early days.
Surely it's some kind of plastic that is deteriorating. Is it the same size as shown in this image?
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I can assure you it is not anything special.
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What's the story with the car? Looks like quite the project!
If you can read the VIN off the plate that should be on the firewall I can look up the year and model for you. It will probably be two or three letters with one, two or three numbers after it.
It is a desirable body style and well worth restoring, it doesn't really matter that it is rusty. Did you find a VIN on it anywhere? Even an engine number may help to identify it.
It's a 1933/34 Rolls-Royce 20/25, 3,824 were built. If you contact the RREC in the UK they will send you the build records which will tell you which coachbuilder built the body and possibly who the first owner was. You might also find some more detailed history by searching the licence number, called registration number in the UK.
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