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It will be a year come August since I’ve had my new (to me) 1997 Bentley Turbo R. I purchased the car knowing it had a salvage title….as the car was hit from behind.

While in the body shop and upon inspection, it was noted that the rear bumper had a pretty shotty repair in that it’s held on my “foam” see image below:

Automotive tire Wood Tread Grey Vehicle door

The whole under carriage of the bumper is like this… I’ve been advised that to take it off completely and repair/paint it correctly would be a massive under taking and there is no guarantee of getting back on. Plan “b” is to submit the claim for a whole new bumper…which I am not sure the Insurance company will go for…..see bumper damage below:

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

The other avenue is if the Insurance company doesn’t pay for a new bumper then they would repaint it with the bumper “on” the car. This is a very good body shop….so I was curious what avenue the forum here would take. My car won’t be a concourse car, as I drive it and enjoy it…but so still want it to look and perform as perfectly as the car can for what it is…..can you still get an exceptional paint job leaving the bumper on the car without taking it off?

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