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Update on the RT
Well, the engine went back together OK, just time consuming.
I must admit I don’t want to do this again.
I will say I am glad I went in as I fond 3 air intake pipes (ram pipes)
As she runs a lot better and better pick up.
There is so much on the top it is a nightmare when you get all the plastics off you’re confronted with a massive palladium chamber / charge cooler this in itself is donating then when you have taken it of then it is the air boxes and ram pipes this is great fun if you’re on drugs (we call Jags a plumbers nightmare but this is a total different league).
The rest is back to being a normal Bentley.
So off with the chest and brake pumps, new seals in the pumps, new push rods, wash out and start putting it back together.
After speaking to Mat I went for rubber rocker box gaskets instead of cork and made up an earth wire as the cork once had copper inserts.
Whilst it was in bits we polished the inside of the ram pipes and stripped and polished the throttle body and also did the air intakes; we also drained down the hydraulic system and replenished.
Steam cleaned and put the plastic covers on (that was a good feeling).
Will give it a good run over the next week or so as I want to take her to Spain.
Health warning don’t try this at home
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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