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I'll quickly note that I work away, and won't be home until September so this is a bit of an early post.

I picked up a 1991 Turbo R a while back with the thought that if I could get it up and running quickly I'd use it as a run around and maybe restore it a few years down the line. It's clear that while I could get it through an MOT quickly enough, it's just not going to be trustworthy enough to use as a run around. I've put in more time than I had planned, it takes up quite a bit of space and my main restoration project has been shelved while I've been playing with it. So if someone would like to take it on, I'd like to pass it on.

It was sold to me as pretty much scrap with a 140,000miles, a V5, a key, and 2 spare doors. Suspension collapsed, no brakes, gearbox doesn't work, won't start.. That took about an hour to resolve and she was up and driving around. Runs like a dream and rides perfectly. Years of neglect have taken their toll though. It had been run regularly, up until I think 2015 was the last MOT.

Good points are that she starts straight away from stone cold and runs well. Suspension is soft and supple. Gearbox seems good, late model wheels are in perfect condition. Great colour combo and picnic tables! The interior is in good condition, though the seats certainly need a lot of love. The leather is well cracked though nothing worn away and cracks aren't too big. A nice patina you might say.

There was a decent hole in the near side rear sill, so I've cut that out, made a new panel, welded it back and faired it.

The bad and the ugly.

Externally there's some corrosion. Both lower front wings are pretty bad below the Turbo R badge. I'm in the process of glassing these up as a temp fix, but it's not a repair, I'd never normally admit to doing that it's a bodge job. In fact, lets just say it was like that when I got it. Near Side rear wheel arch is gone, well the front half. I've cut what was left of it off and mostly finished shaping a new steel one, I reckon my ambition wasn't going to be matched by my welding skills on this one though. It's all just a test fit for now. Otherwise she's solid. I'll admit I've not been over with a fine tooth comb, but she's been up on the ramp a few times and I've not seen anything else.

Both front and rear bumpers are... sparingly attached.

Both near side doors have taken a bash. I have 2 spares, honestly not sure if it's better to repair or fit the new ones. I guess as a coach built car there's no certainty of a decent panel gap with new doors. B pillar looks fine.

The lock barrel for the boot seems to be for a different key. I also don't have the key for the wheel locks, which may or may not be in the car, but I've not found it yet!

Electrical Gremilins, I've probably not found them all. Fuel and temp gauges don't work. Ignition 'key in' switch is a gamble which can force the gear actuator to select 'park' all the time. Seats don't work, drivers door doesn't activate the interior light, central locking doesn't seem to work. It's got a Bentley alarm system, which I've no idea how it works, so it probably doesn't. Check engine light is on, I guess coolant sensor failure for a start but no promises.

Mechanically, it needs a new steering rack. When I left it on the 2 post ramp for a couple of days it bled a little hydraulic fluid out the near side rear shock absorber, (6"x6" stain on the concrete) but this doesn't seem to leak when it's on the ground.

So there you have an honest appraisal of a project car, a bit more than I'd like to take on right now. I've still another couple of years to go with my old alfa, and I don't think it best to neglect the Bentley in a corner until then.

The car is in the north of Scotland, Elgin. Anyone's more than welcome to come and view it, I can probably arrange someone to show it and I'm completely open to offers. I'd really much rather see someone take this on as a project to recover though, these cars don't deserve to be broken for parts.
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