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Transmission cooling line fitting seized.

I am removing radiator for rodding or replacemt.

The tubing from the transmission is attached to the radiator by a
brass fitting which is seized.

The fitting turns ok, but since the tubing is seized to the
fitting, the tubing twists.

So far I have tried the following steps fo two days.

penetrating oil.

Heating with propane torch.

Penetrating oil while still very hot.

Three vise-grips clamped on tubing to prevent it from turning.

I don't want to replace the tubing the whole way back to te

I may need to cut tubing and connect cut end to a new fitting with
short length of new tubing sticking out of it.

Any other suggestions ?

Thank you

Alan White

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Not to sound silly, but, instead of vise grips, you need a plumbers wrench. Get a small set and clamp down on it. They are designed to work against a turning pipe in exactly the way I believe you are attempting to crack the fitting loose.

Usually a propane torch will work for me, but there have been some bizarre cases like this where something different has been required.
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