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Hi all;
Any wisdom to easily complete thermostat replacement in 2000 Arnage?
6.75L V8 I removed everything from the left, front and right side of engine.
Couldn't get to back. Tried to raise the hood to vert MX position but my garage
ceiling was too low. DUH!!!! Put everything back together. Will move car
to area where I can raise hood. For the back, can I just loosen the clamps on
the throttle body and rotate the intercooler up/back to get to the thermostat
cover? Anyone in US know what the dealer charges? I've had the car a year.
Seems like a good car just needs a couple of things. It might be worth having
the dealer give it a once over. Appreciate any help avail. Doug

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The usual procedure is to replace the thermostat and the two temperature sensors that are linked to it. The complex bit is refilling and bleeding the system afterwards. You should

a. disconnect the left hand vent hose from the top (secondary) expansion tank.
b. fill system up to minimum level in primary expansion tank
c. clamp the radiator degas hose ( runs from the radiator to the primary expansion tank)
d. squeeze and release top radiator hose ( on the right) to expel air into secondary expansion
e. repeat until all air is out of the top hose
f. remove clamp
g. reconnect left hand vent hose
h. top up to minimum
I. loosely replace primary expansion cap
j. run engine on maximum defrost for 10 minutes
k. top up to max level
l. replace and tighten filler cap

The Manual says that failure to follow the procedure can cause air locks and irreparable damage to the engine!!

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Hi Paul;
Appreciate the info. I have the car all back together and its running and not
burning up so all is well. Did the bleed deal but don't really get it. Engine temp
gauge remained normal and handheld laser temp showed all OK. I will have to
try it again when I have more time. Still have to do the thermostat and sender.
I will try the remove the air pump and go under the intercooler way. Seems like
a couple of guys have done it on this site. Still will take any advice or tricks to
get it done. After removing the air pump, is it necessary/easier to pull the 2 air hoses off also? I bought one temp sender for the gauge. What is the other
temp sender you are talking about replacing? Thanks Doug
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