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The all important temperature gauge

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Well it happened. I took my 1981 Silver Wraith II out for a local stretch and after awhile the temp needle was looking at hot zone Brought the car home and let it cool down. I suspected either the sender or the thermostat and sure enough I tested the thermostat and no action at all using the near boiling water test. I pulled out an old one that I saved and sure enough the same dead action.
Look at the replacement cost of a RR replacement...on second thought...don't look.

So a search for the trusty Stant 13558 began and turned up virtually no vendors from the usual sources. Why? they were purchased by MotoRad and their part number is 246-174 or 244-180 (degrees)
Other subs include Gates 33218 and Napa 136.
My best choice based on availability will likely be the MotoRad in my area.

I have always liked car dashboards that inform you. I grew up on the iconic Jaguar XKE and I luv gauges.
My 1981 Silver Wraith II has a temp gauge and my 1976 Shadow does not. I could never understand why they omitted a most important gauge. Go figure.
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What was the point of those lead plugs, by the time the lead would melt to let the coolant flow, wouldn't the engine have been destroyed by then ?
I'm thinking they melt above boiling point and between total HG failure. A narrow zone. The engines are robust, but everything has it point. One thing you don't want to do is deal with the destruction steam will cause within any mechanical device.
Rob, if the thermostat is the same as the one used in my 84 Corniche, I was able to source the appropriate stant thermostat through Worldpac by cross referencing a 1981 (E12) BMW 528i. They have a Mahl 71 degree thermostat in stock which looks like the one below. Part # TX2771D

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They also show Colorstat 75 degree, part # TH1528.80J

Auto part Circle Metal Fashion accessory Titanium

and Carquest 13588 which I believe is a stant in a carquest box.

Tableware Serveware Gas Automotive lighting Auto part

Hope this helps.
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First Shadow had separate coolant gauge. Then I was told by french specialist that Crewe took it out because too many owners where worried about the needle being regularly above the middle or low part.
So to avoid complains they took it out for a while untill Shadow II and put in place a red warning light which was supposed to light only if veryu hot, I would say too hot.

Being like you, I decided to replace the AMPS gauge by an old Temp gauge and install a sensor so I could follow the temp.

Calorstat: this model is on my opinion the best, does not have safe lead pellets and was recommended by Crewe some time ago for SZ which use the same as SY: pg58252pa
Here is an better price : THERMOSTAT - LEAD FREE (OE) (PG58252PA)

Also here : OXID eShop 4 | PG58252PA Thermostat no Pellets | purchase online

Hoping its available
Thanks everyone. Starting the search this morning. The MotoRad 246 series is made from stainless, however, I'm not going to drive myself crazy and the car is on my lift and also blocks the current project.
I got 99 problems...
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