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Fast tips for storing over winter.

1. change all the fluids and new filters.

2. fill gas tank almost full and add stabil product.

3. Full concours winning interior detail and leather treatment

4. get some steel wool and put it in the exhaust pipe.

5. Turn off bat switch and disconnect the battery because small amount of discharge even turned off. Makes for a weaker battery.

6. get a plastic sheet and park over top of it. You want to be able to put the sheeting over the tires and close all for doors over on the plastic and trunk and front of hood. This helps blocks rodents from getting in. Also prevents moisture rising up from the garage floor. You also do not want to fully close; hood,trunk, and doors first click but not all the way. Keeps rubber seals from damage.

6. Put car up on jack stands. Takes weight off suspension components and prevents flat spots on tires.

7. if you have car cover you can put it on and masking tape it to the plastic bottom cover. Further anti rodent protection!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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