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=== EDIT: £2,000 REWARD FOR ANYONE WHO CAN GIVE INFO RESULTING IN THE SAFE RETURN OF THE CAR TO OWNER. (He's 82 and has spent years restoring her. Happy to give thief £2k if it means he gets the car back).

===EDIT 2=== Anyone with info should call police on number 101, quoting crime reference number CAD 090779

Stolen vehicle. Please help. My elderly stepfather's vintage Rolls Royce has been stolen from a private garage he used in Maidstone, Kent. Stolen late night/early morning of tues 8th/weds 9th November. He put his heart and soul into restoring it. It is not drivable, so the disgusting thieves must've used a towtruck or similar. They will likely dismantle all his hard work and sell the parts. It's a 1924 Rolls Royce 20hp Laudellette. Please keep an eye out and dm me if you see/saw anything. Its such an unusual and loved vehicle. Police have been informed. Thanks


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