SRH33576 is a 1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II that I have owned since 2006. It's a home market car that made its way to Germany, then Florida, then Georgia, then to me in Virginia. What follows is a history of the car I wrote for an RROC Club publication a while back:
Silver Shadow II 1978 SRH33576

Foreign License Number: VYV803S

Color: Cranberry Red Mica (Land Rover Color Code 845)

The History of SRH33576 – 1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II

SRH33576 was first delivered to one R. Dutton Forshaw, Jack Barclay Ltd, 18 Berkeley Square, London – 15 February 1978. It was subsequently registered with plate VYV803S on 29 August 1978, when purchased by Mr. F. Fisher, who later sold it on 10 January 1981. It disappeared in records for a few years, next being acquired by Mr. Michael Thomas Connelly on 2 March 1986. Mr. Connelly brought the car to Florida, USA, and it was titled there on 5 March 1986, and remained in his possession for approximately 19 years. It was next briefly owned by Mr. Perry D. Benson III of Senoia, GA, between the dates 15 July 2005, and 16 June 2006, when it was purchased by the present owner (Brian Vogel, Staunton, VA). SRH33576 was originally painted in Chestnut and was RHD. At some point in her journeys she was converted to LHD and repainted in her current metallic cranberry red.

I have come to the sad realization that I am never going to get back to caring for this car like it needs to be cared for. And given that it has had the extensive modifications it has had for a RHD to LHD conversion, it is absolutely never going to fall into the category of "collectible" in the Rolls-Royce community.

She is not "so far gone" that a revival would be impossible. In fact, overall, I'd say she's mechanically better than when I originally got her. But her cosmetics are going to pot and that includes the Everflex roof (rare on a Shadow II as opposed to a Wraith II) is lifting from around the seals both around the windshield and rear window. There is some rust under one of the seams on the roof and that seam has begun to split. I've got a few rust bubbles showing in various places, and the like. Her interior was never the greatest, with one leather panel in the back having been replaced before I got her. There was, at one time, a water leak when I had her outside but was not able to keep up with her that ruined the passenger (right) side floor mat and carpet (but did not get beneath the heavy rubberized padding, so the floor pan is still very much intact).

It is my hope that someone might want to take her on and revive her. But if not, and she is to become a parts donor, at least being an "organ transplant provider" means she allows some other car to continue its journey.

Pricing will be very reasonable, but I'd prefer to have anyone interested contact me first so I can provide any photographs you might want before we even begin that part of the discussion. So if you have any interest in SRH33576 either as a project car or as a parts car, please reach out to me via private message (called Conversation on XenForo forums like this one) and we can discuss it further.

Here's a picture of SRH33576 from 2013. She does not look this good now, but she's still definitely recognizable as herself. If you search this forum on SRH33576 you will find a ton of information about the car and the things I've worked on over the years.
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