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Special order Bentley 1989

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My name is Greg Taft, ex racing and rally driver of the 70,s and 80,s.
I have an unusual 1989 Bentley Turbo R LWB.
This car was ordered from Bentley (when they were still with Rolls Royce) in 1987 and delivered in 1989.
It was delivered from new with a specially fitted Rolls-Royce radiator grille shell and mascot and £17k extras, it's in Ebony with magnolia leather .
The car has done 64k miles and as you would expect immaculate condition.
I travel less than 400 miles a year.
Photos herewith..


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Wow, that really is special. I like the look of the grille with the four round lights instead of the rectangular ones, though it's a bit confusing having it with the Bentley badging in the rear!
Yes, I have had people walk to the back of the car then back to the front and scratch their head!

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Welcome to the forum Greg. Do the build sheets show that it was built that way? Odd that they would leave the RR emblem on the grille shell when it's on a Bentley.
Yes Jim, that is how it was delivered from new which makes the car unique. I have the order sheet from Crewe and that is specified, the invoice and all paperwork about 2 inches thick!

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It is not necessary to quote a previous post in your reply if you are following the train of thought in the thread!
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