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Special order Bentley 1989

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My name is Greg Taft, ex racing and rally driver of the 70,s and 80,s.
I have an unusual 1989 Bentley Turbo R LWB.
This car was ordered from Bentley (when they were still with Rolls Royce) in 1987 and delivered in 1989.
It was delivered from new with a specially fitted Rolls-Royce radiator grille shell and mascot and £17k extras, it's in Ebony with magnolia leather .
The car has done 64k miles and as you would expect immaculate condition.
I travel less than 400 miles a year.
Photos herewith..


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Wow, that really is special. I like the look of the grille with the four round lights instead of the rectangular ones, though it's a bit confusing having it with the Bentley badging in the rear!
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