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Hi all, me again with another - almost daily - question. ;)

I have all the waistline trim off the car apart from the door handles.
The manual states:

Exterior door handle and Actuator lever assembly - To remove
Silver Shadow II, Bentley T2 and Silver Wraith II
1. Remove the door lock (see Door lock and linkage - To remove).​
2. Release the Allen screw and domed nut securing the door handle; remove the handle.​
3. Release the two bolts, situated beneath the door handle, securing the lock actuator lever assembly to the door; withdraw the lever through the inner door panel.​

The domed nut is easily accessible.
But do I really have to remove the whole lock assembly?

It seems overkill just to remove the exterior handle which only pushes/presses the push button adjustment screw.

Thanks as always!
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The allen screw is 5.5mm and accessed thru a hole in the door skin. I used a long shank bit. The acorn nut, as you noticed is easily removed since it is external. BTW: A suggestion. When replacing the inner plastic door film, I use a contractor plastic bag and 3M strip butyl chaulk strips It remains tacky and there's no problem removing the newly installed film going forward.
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