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Silver Shadow Power Steering Return Hose

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Napa part NPS 71316 is a substitute for the original UR19391. It just needs to be cut to length (see pic). It is a power steering hose SAE J189 and is rated for 250 PSI. The original was rated at 400 PSI but since it is a return hose that uses jubilee clips, 250 psi will be perfectly adequate. Priced at $6.99.


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For all practical intents and purposes, this return hose is a "no pressure" hose, much like the return hoses from the ACV to the reservoir in the hydraulic system are.

The only thing that really matters, in both cases, is that the hose is compatible with the fluid it is going to carry, as there is never going to be any pressure of any significance involved.

Thanks for posting this!
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