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Hi well as you can see from my last post I am looking for some body to do some wood
Maybe this is the nail in the coffin
I have over time ignored her faults but I thing it is time to air them
If you look around the trim panels where they have been glued the amount that is left on the leather isn’t really expectable
The clips for holding down the carpets don’t work (bad quality)
Things like the control board for the heating system all ways playing up and having to be sent for repair
This isn’t just this car but the other 2 I have had where the same
I think it is a shame that silly things let them down
Most of it is down to bad workmanship or laziness
I won’t go on moaning just me

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Most little things can be restored back. I looked at a 1995 Spur with low miles on the o.d. The arm rest was broken off. The seats especially the drivers had a little more wear than I liked. Noticed the vehicle was originally a U.S car and speedometer was changed for metric. So no longer trust the mileage stated and passed on the car because of little imperfections. My Spur has some leather pulling on the rear shelf seat belt and brake light covers. I'm thinking of having them recovered. The wood is still looking presentable with some waving on the trim rails on the doors, but the lacquer has not split open. Slight wave cracks on the rear picnic tables. So might have them redone and may even tackle the job myself. But the door caps like the Patina.

I've looked into buying resurfaced wood kits on exchange basis more for the picnic tables--but also get perfect wood fascia and door caps as well. Reasonable money two years ago. Believe Crewe Cutters in Oregon quoted $1,300 U.S for all the wood bits. Less expensive then having your wood redone. Despite not being original to the car, I could live with it have perfect wood.

But I also like wear because it can hint at a less then perfect car. Like the Spur that was considering.
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