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Saying hello

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Hi everyone, I thought I'd introduced myself on here months ago, so apologies for my error.
I'm Paul from West Yorkshire (UK) and I am the proud owner of a 1991 Silver Spirit II in silver with grey hide. The car is in lovely condition and will be looked after lovingly whilst in my care.
I plan to drive regularly and we are setting off on a European adventure at the end of May, so hopefully we'll have a lot of fun.
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Welcome to the forum Paul. As a new member, please take a few minutes to read through "Instructions for navigating the site" and "How to reply to a discussion thread"in the FAQ section, link here: FAQ. There are other topics there that you may find informative. Please note also that it is not necessary to quote a previous post in your reply if you are following the train of thought in the thread, it just clutters up the thread unnecessarily. Simply start typing your reply in the dialogue box below the last post where it says "write your reply" , do not click on "reply"(which adds the previous post as a quote) unless it is absolutely necessary to maintain continuity in the thread. Thanks, Jim.
Welcome to the forum Paul & happy motoring.
Welcome to the forum Paul, I am also in Yorkshire, albeit South rather than West. Happy motoring!

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