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Having thought about it for a long time, I have today finalised the specification for my RR Ghost.

Since my wife and I had our first baby 15 months ago I have been limited to 4 seaters as I like spending my time with the family when I am not working. I desparately wanted another special car but I wanted one that we can all enjoy together and living near Goodwood, I thought I would give the new Ghost a try.

I went to the factory this afternoon to view the production line and to spec my car ready for delivery in May of next year. There were lots of cars in the factory waiting to be released tomorrow as that is the first day that the Ghost can be registered. Having seen so many cars, I can confirm that in my opinion, the Ghost is a very impressive car. It looks to be extremely well built and looks very special.

Anyway, I have chosen a Dark Indigo (Blue) car with the saphire silver bonnet with a creme light interior. I now cannot wait until next May to take delivery! I am sure the next few months are going to drag!
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