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Hello to everybody.
My passion for british cars started very early:
At 1 year old had my 1st. Rolls Royce! was a plastic model with a yellow grille very similar to Silver Dawn....
...then arrived my 1st. Silver Shadow made by Matchbox in a stunning shell grey when I was 3y.o. or so!
Games a part my 1:1 true Rolls Royce arrived later in 1993 and was (as obvious) a shell grey Silver Shadow II.
Passion pushed me in UK for a couple of yrs, where my passion became phobia....
I started a sort of parallel importation of RR and Bentley cars between England and Italy to satisfy a number of friends who seen my with this kind of cars.
I personally owned several Silver Shadow, Shadow II, Corniche, Silver Cloud and a superb 1937 Phantom III.
I also owned relative Bentley versions.
At the mom I own a 1968 Bentley T, a 1980 Shadow II (my 1st. never sold) and a 1972 FHC Corniche.
Who now would share with myself more informations and friendship?
Im anyway present next september at 2008 Euro Rally in Switzerland.
Any other in this Forum share this lovely event :idea: :?: :idea: :?:
Greetings to everybody, Enrico M. Allais.
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