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Talk about a real,,, snow non trace
for boys:
a wife, do not need too beautiful, can have a little freckle or small Ralph Lauren Uomo blain blain, right by the audience.
a wife, not too tall to pick, can a little fat, healthy.
a wife, not too be home, to laundry beds, make stir fried tomato and egg on the line, if can make a fish what is not.
a wife, not too Xiaoniaoyiren, be considerate, like you care about her, and she will care about you.
a wife, do not expect too gentle, temper is not too big, not the old "I was mad, mad at me" linked to mouth, be lenient wherever it is possible
a wife, not because the man and his friends cut off, as long sacs à main celine as you know the bottom line, do not chop and change, specially some feelings for you on the line.
a wife, converse basse do not need more intelligent, can have a little stupid, have their own judgement, work less simpleton something good
a wife, do not have the ability, always have confidence in you, will appreciate your ability, even if she earn more money than you will give you enough self-esteem.
a wife, do not need before pure, non first can not, can have before, history, but you will not always thinking of others, not old with you and Robe de cocktail others.
find a girl to be my wife, will accept your good, your bad, your family, so this lifetime! People not only pay only the appearance to understand you, love you, understand what is the most important! Only a beautiful face but doesn't love what you can do for you? For their own future well-being! To talk to talk about a love to get married! Don't play with the feelings of others and ourselves!
by girl:
girl you to listen: man doesn't have to be tall and thin but must be clean
marry that person does not necessarily have to be speak sugared words but must have a good temper -The man
marry must not handsome and rich but must be smart and motivated -The man
marry must be from our hands the moment said to me girl from today we share each other's fortunes to me whenThe man
marry must be handed something he will say to me girl I found you. You are my personal I allowed others to come to you
The man
marry must be with me in a very prominent lovers clothes like took me to see his friend and then happily told me girl I want everyone to know that you are my -The man
marry will support me to sac celine pas cher lose weight but still took me to the supermarket to buy me a lot of delicious and then said the girl eat no matter how fat you I want youThe
- married will be in crossing the road;
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