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Hi all

My Arnage suffered a burst hose just before I bought it and it has just burst the other self levelling hose. The cost of replacements is ridiculous. I used a tractor hydraulic engineer to replace the hose using the existing ends for a fraction of the cost and with a better hose. Any firm will do as standard 10mm hose is used.

The removal of the old hose is 'difficult' as the chassis clip bolt is behind the exhaust (1999 Arnarge where pipework in under car).

While doing this I replaced the gas strut gaiters with dirt bike fork gaiters off e.bay (£8.95 a pair XXX??).

I would also like to fit a tow bar and searching the Silver Spur/Spirit ones it looks like it will fit, or modify easily as the bumper stiffener shape looks very similar. The problem is after 1998 the bar must have type approval and no manufacturer I can find sells one. Has anyone used the Spirt kit.
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