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I have been searching the internet in order to find more details on Phantom VI unique dasboard, but up to now the results are scarce :? . Might someone familiarized with Phantom VI help me!?

1) Rear seat switches -- Each bezel located in the left/right sides of rear seat contains, in addition to the cigar lighter & ashtray two switches -- a three way and an larger "on/off" switch. I guess that the three way commands the partition glass and the other, commands the reading lights. Am I right? :roll:

2) Three switches in the dashboard, close to glovebox -- what do they control?
- Chromed switch close to passenger's dashboard end (between glovebox and front door, inserted in the leather trim)
- Three way switch located between glovebox and air outlet (top)
- Round knob with chrome bezel located between glovebox & air outlet, under the three way switch above mentioned

Thanks a lot!!! :wink:
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