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I recently bought a 1988 Silver Spur. It was an LA car shipped to Tokyo when new and then shipped to Vancouver where I acquired it . It has 15k miles on it and looks and smells like new. When I start the car everything is fine. As it warms up a whine gets louder and louder. It appears to come from the drivers side front of the car. I took it to my mechanic and he probed around with a stethoscope and heard a buzzing sound coming from the Frequency control valve. I believe it is part of the fuel injection system. I had it replaced and it does seem better but I still hear the whining. I can't believe that this is normal as I find it quite irritating. Does anyone know what I'm talking about ? You cannot hear it from outside the car with the hood up, only from inside with the doors closed. I always thought the noisiest part of a rolls was the clock. ps I also have a 1989 XJS convertible and a 1995 Range Rover
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