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I am in the process of purchasing what appears to be a 1953 Bentley R that I had been asked to look at.. Its been in a garage for about 25 years and was bought somewhere in Texas out of a barn. So no telling how long it has not run. Engine won't turn over and the starter is in the trunk. Body is straight but paint is cracking and peeling off in places. Interior is for the most part there and the odometer reads 49,000. No bumpers and no grill ornaments. I have pictures if anyone is interested. Maybe I could get some feedback as what would be a fair price to pay. I have restored some vehicles over the years. 67 Shelby GT500, 36 Ford 5 window coupe, 64 Corvair Spyder Conv., 84 Jaguar XJS and a couple of Harleys. All of these except the Jaguar are Concourse cars and not driven. The Bentley is going to be a driver and not so much a concourse car. Been there done that and its no fun anymore. I welcome any comments and hope I can offer some help as well. My user name is my email address so it is hidden until I can change it---sorry.

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