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Hi, we have a Silver Spur and a Shadow II, recently the Spur developed a starting problem. At first it was just difficult to start, later it became impossible. As we have had a similar problem with the Shadow we switched the Opus ignitiion module, and this allowed the car to start. From this point the car developed further issues, despite the huge amount of torque this engine generates the car is barely able to drag itself up a modest hill. The speed drops to (often) below 20mph. A side effect of this power loss is also the overheating that it causes. The more the car stuggles on the hills the more the temp gauge rises.

Currently the car is hardly usable. The replacement ignitiion module has been tested as "good" by a specialist, and the carbs have been balanced.

Any ideas would be appreciated as the garage seems to be drawing a blank!

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There is a saying that when you have carburation issues, check the ignition and when you have ignition issues, check the carburation.

Is there oil in the carburettor dashpots?
Is there contamination of the fuel (tank)?
Are both the fuel pumps working and at full efficiency?
Is the fuel filter clear of debris?
Are all the joints in the inlet assemblies air-tight?
Are the mixture weakening device and anti-diesel solenoids working?
Is the vacuum tubing air tight?
Are the HT leads arcing?
Is the distributor cap arcing?

The technical section of the RROCA website has copies of the workshop manual which explains how to deal with each of these.

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