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My outside temp guage was non-functional (reading a constant arctic temp). The first thing was to remove the radiator shell to check the temp sensor.

This turned out to be a bit more difficult than the workshop manual suggests as (at least on SBH37222) the back corners of the chrome trim plate between the bumper and the radiator shell obscure the radiator shell bolts. Loosening the two bumper retaining bolts and allowing it to pivot down a little uncovers them, so it wasn't that much more work in the end. (OK, sure, there was also a bit of swearing going on in the meantime.)

I tested the temp sensor with a multimeter (using my fingers to warm it up a bit), and it looked good. I then tested the circuit at the toeboard sockets (with my wife warming the sensor), and the signal was still good (ie: the resistance between the wire and ground still varied with temperature).

Next, off came the dash and out came the temp guage. Signal still good at the back of the guage. I had just about decided I had a duff guage when I decided to make sure that it was getting 12 volts on the green feed, and it wasn't. It gets its power from the oil pressure guage, and the 12V was good there. I was curious where the break in the wire was, but as it disappeared behind the dash-top vent ducting before reappearing at the temp guage, I decided I wasn't that curious.

So I spliced a new green feed from the oil pressure guage to the temp guage and put it all back together. It's a little fiddly getting the reinforcement plate at the top of the radiator shell to stay in place while you thread the bolts in, but the old trick of a dab of grease to "glue" it to the shell paid dividends.

-- Jeff.
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