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On the lookout!

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Hi Rich here,

I have a left hand drive 77 Rolls Silver Shadow ii. This car has low mileage (currently under 36k, I’m the third owner. But someone was a hacker along the way and disabled the rear height control.
They removed the drivers side height control mechanism and it’s no longer there. I suspect it needed a rebuild, but they opted to
Remove it instead. I would like to restore this to working and operational condition so if anyone stateside happens to have one for sale, I would like a complete unit.
I spent 4 days rebuilding frozen calipers on this car. Each and every piston was stuck in its bore and every metal line to the calipers were rotted. It now stops great and I moving onto other stuff that’s wrong with this car. She runs good and now drives great, I just have to fix what others broke on this car.
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Here she is in as found condition.
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And if those filters are compromised, do NOT replace them with OEM filters. There are a number of sources (including Jim Walters and Kelly Opfar, if memory serves) for improved designs that cannot collapse and, while so doing, break the screen and allow junk to go throughout the remainder of the system.

I had alternatives custom machined some years back.
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