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About ten years ago I bought a 1973 Silver Shadow and my goal was to use it to taxi people around. I was planning on doing Uber before they even came around.

I know this will make the Purists cringe, but I was going to take out the original engine (which i did) and just put in a easy to work on GM 350 and tranny. Got too many projects so here it sits in my shop still on a 20' 10 K trailer I used it to haul from Idaho back to Oregon.

It had only 1 owner according to the State police report which I needed to get the title transferred to my name ,around 80,000 miles on it. It is a beautiful two tone color and in good sahpe, especially the interior. The floor pans and exhaust at rear got rusted out so new pans need to be put in.

I am putting the entire thing up for sale including the engine and tranny . (It was a good running engine when I took it out) for best offer over $5000. I can sell the trailer also which is in very good condition for $3000. I may sell the engine and transmission seperately but would like to advertise everything together for a while in case someone wants to go back to the original powertrain.

I live in Roseburg, Oregon 1 hour south of Eugene .
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