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Well I must confess that the parts book pictures are very good, but the actual part info isn't. This causes extra expense as it means that simple items like O-rings, shaft seals and bearings that are inepexpensively obtained from alternative sources cannot easily be sourced. For this reason, I have just had to spend almsot £20 + tax + delivery on 3 O-rings and a small aluminium washer. I accept that I bought the complete kit and the body seal O-rings (what I required) are available separately, but these too are £6 + tax each.

Now. I know that these items cost but a few pence, so I thought I would post the O-ring size here so that other members could save the money.

The pump body seal, part number GMF 1022 (2 reqd) is 26.5 x 3.6
The internal middle seal, part number GMF 1128 is 14.5 x 2.25

All dimensions are metric of course. The O-ring material should be VITON.

I can now fix my weeping front pump body.

Cheers... Rob.
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