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Hi guys,

I've joined this site to try and find out some info.

I've been given some Rolls Royce handbooks, Phantom V, Silver Cloud II and the Corniche.

Is it possible that someone can point me in the right direction to find the value of these?

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I suggest that you post in the classified section of this site, and also in the classified ads section of

For each item please specify:
Complete title.
Edition number.
TSD publication number.
Whether original issue or reprint. (If original look for chassis number of vehicle it originally came with. This would be a hand written note, usually on the inside cover or very early pages.)
General condition.
Whether original (fold-out) wiring diagram is included.

Suggest that you leave yourself open for best offer during a specified time period.

With more details, per above, I might be interested in some of these handbooks.

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