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Hey all,

Having recently taken delivery of an '89 Turbo R, I am planning on doing a major service on it and also attending to a few minor issues so I have some questions before I begin:

1. I read that the oil capacity is 9.9 litres. Is this correct? I was planning on using Pentosin 5W-40 full synthetic oil in it, will this be an acceptable grade and are these engines ok to use synthetic or is dino oil better?

2. What is the correct spark plug to use and what is the gap supposed to be set at?

3. What is the correct type of coolant to use? I use Zerex G-05 (the Mercedes-Benz stuff) in my other cars and have had no issues. Will this be ok in the B or should I use plain green stuff?

4. I know the transmission is a GM400. Do those use Dexron III like European gearboxes? What is their fluid capacity?

5. Brake fluid. I know I need to use a special mineral based fluid. But what is the brake bleeding procedure? I assume you cannot use a conventional power bleeder?

Actual fixes needed:

1. All of the power windows are a bit sluggish, with the rears being the worst. Do the regulators gum up or is this an issue of the motors wearing out?

2. Door locks do not seem to operate. Where's a good place to begin? Is there an ECU or relay to check first?

3. The driver's seat works in all functions except moving back and forth. When you move the switch, you can hear a click but no movement. The passenger's seat doesn't work at all but I seem to remember hearing a click from somewhere under it as well. Is this the typical memory ECU issue?

Thanks all for any help! I'm quite excited to be back in the armchair of a Bentley!

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Aaron: I bought a '90 Turbo R with 26k miles earlier this year and immediately brought it to a local specialist for $4500 worth of service, which included:

a) Replacing braking system accumulator spheres.
b) Replacing rear suspension accumulator spheres (ride was atrocious, now it is silky smooth).
c) Both rear power windows did not function. Turns out a small plastic gear in the mechanism of each had cracked and failed. This was a pretty expensive repair - about $650/window.
d) A few other minor things.

I have since put 3k trouble-free miles on the car and it is a joy to drive. I have some minor issues with the power seats and power locks like you do, have not diagnosed or tried to reapair these yet. Good luck with it and post a pic if you get a chance.
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