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Good Evening All, First of all let me introduce myself, My name is Michael and yes PROUD is an under statement, I have always dreamed of this day and this Dream is now become a reality !! I just took delivery of a 1968 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, And she is beautiful, I purchased this auto from an elderly couple just miles from my home and they tell me it hadn't been driven in about two years and the last time driven was to Dallas Tx to the Rolls Dealership for a as they said a "check-up, and was given a clean bill of health" and then driven into the garage where she has sat due to health issues of owner, I could clearly see it was truly hard for the previous owner to let her go. But I assured them I would take exceptional care of her, Excuse me for refering to the auto as "SHE" but she truly in my eyes is a Lady, She has appox 64,000 miles on her and appears to be taken very well care of, but now for the downside She came to me with No Manuals, and the owner had lost the keys ! and Today I went and got new battery and NOTHING came on Lights ect, So I could sure use some help from others on this forum.. Thanks in advance Michael

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Congratulations on your purchase!

Key info for your car:
• MASTER KEY–square head key (fits ignition, doors, trunk, glovebox)
• 5 pin lock cylinder
• Yale lock series (master key): BSM and BHM 501–BHM 597
• Rolls-Royce part # RH7486
• Ilco key blank # 62HB
• Cross reference key numbers: Silca RR1,cTaylor 62HB, Dominion 62HB, Cole National F08, Curtis RR-2, Keil 162 RO
• VALET KEY–round head key (fits ignition and doors only)
• Yale lock series (valet key): BSL and BHL 501–BHL 597
• Rolls-Royce part # RH7485
• Ilco key blank # 62HA
• Cross reference key numbers: Ilco BR4 (old stock number), Silca RR2, Taylor 62HA, Dominion 62HA, Cole National F07, Curtis RR-1, Independent B61B

You can find the full workshop manual for your car at the RROC-Australia Post-War Technical Library. There are tons of articles regarding various maintenance issues in the RROC-AustraliaTee-One Topics Archive. Be sure to look at the index through Issue 63.

Does your car perhaps have a battery cut-off switch? Group 27 batteries are used in Rolls-Royce and Bentleys from 1946 to 1980. Usually the positive post is toward the front of the car which would mean a 27F for cars with the battery on the right side [Clouds] of the car and a 27 for cars with the battery on the left side of the car [most, but not all, Shadows and Corniches]. Check the battery in your car before ordering a new one. Does the battery in your car work in any others you might hav around? It's unusual, but not impossible, to have a dead one straight off the shelf.
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