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Hello from Switzerland !

I am a displaced Australian bloke, and have lived abroad for too long, a total of 23 years, mostly in Switzerland but also in England.

I love Bentleys with a passion. I learned to drive legally in my R-Type, then the family car, in Canberra, Australia, in 1971 when I was 16. That pristione work of art has covered 410,000 miles, very few since 1992 when I moved here. It awaits my return. I sat my test in a rented Holden as the R-Type is automatic entitling only a restricted driving licence. Likewise its 210,000 mile T-Series successor has limited but regular use by my father but is like new. My daily transport here is a 1987 Turbo R: superb. I took it upon myself when I was 14 first to overhaul the motor and transmission of the R-Type at just over 200,000 miles, so have learned through the school of hard knocks. However, doing all my own work has made these super cars thoroughly affordable and incredibly satisfying.

My daughter, 8, has insisted on the green Bentley as her transport since she was 4. They learn young.

I hope to post a few photos for fun.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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