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Hi all,

I stumbled across this forum because I suppose there is a forum for everything these days. Fortunately, I found the posts to be very active and useful!

I've owned 3 Bentleys. Two Arnages and a Continental. I'm currently interested in a full documented and well maintained 2016 or 2017 Mulsanne. Given that 2017 is the new model, there is a big price disparity between them so I may go with the 2016. I've seen a few for sale, but, given what is happening with the economy, COVID, etc., seems like the difference between what the buyer thinks their worth versus the sellers is very wide now. As such, I haven't seen many transact which is understandable. I suppose the same is true in commercial real estate.

If anyone has one they are selling or knows of a good one at a very reasonable price in light of what's going on in the world, I'd be very interested and appreciative.

I hope to be a meaningful contributor to the forum.


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