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I am looking forward to making your many acquaintances. I recently took delivery of a 1960 Bentley S2. It will be undergoing repairs to body damage done in shipping. Next will come a repair of the braking system. The vehicle, chassis # B123-CT, is in fine operating condition (save the brakes). The interior is in truly remarkable condition having had all surfaces replaced less than a thousand miles ago. Leather, carpet and headliner are all new - crafted of original materials to match the originals. Wood has been lovingly restored.

At sometime in the car's history the pair of single headlamps were replaced with quads and quad fenders, giving the car an appearance similar to an S3 (see photo). I have seen pre-restoration photos of this vehicle wearing an RR grill (it now sports a Bentley grill).

I look forward to years of sharing our experiences.
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