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Greetings. I'm a long-suffering Rolls fan in search of a Corniche Fixed Head Coupe. Ideally, I'd like a 1979 or 1980 (last year available state-side), sans Everflex, preferrably a 50,000 series chassis, and if I'm exceedingly lucky, a California-only Bosch CIS fuel injected example.

I've found exactly one of the above so far, in Flordia, but with 165,000 miles and in a pretty hideous shade of walnut with an "apricot" interior. Yuck.

Here's an interesting example, although I prefer dark colors. Appears to have a "Hooper" rear window treatment:

I currently have a BMW 850, which may come in handy with you Seraph owners, since I wrench it myself. I'm also familiar with the N73TU engine in the new Phantom/Ghost.
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