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Hi Everyone,

Wanted to say hi as in about a week or so she will be rolling into the driveway here. Triple black configuration and the 4WD will be useful in the New England snow as she will be daily driver. Hmm, what else about me. Am a musician (drummer/percussionist), a high-end audio enthusiast and retired SCCA driver's championship race car driver/engineer/mechanic (Formula 2000 series).

BTW: If anyone has leads on the factory supplied sales brochure/literature of the 2006 Bentley Continental GT please let me know as am looking for it. Have mint condition 2008 model year ones (grey hand cover book and the two supporting thin booklets plus case) for the GT version and another for the GT Speed version.

Thanks for reading and look forward to many years of driving bliss.

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Hi Steven,
Thanks for joining us. We don't have a lot of newer Bentley owners around here yet so its good to have you. Also great to have another musician. You might find a kindred spirit or two around here.

Enjoy the stay!
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