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Well, just got these a bit ago and now just learned they will not be needed as am moving to a warmer climate. These are stock 19" rims with 5 spoke in great condition, chromed and the Blizzak tires are proper spec and brand never never used (still has stickers on them. Bentley TPS sensors are installed and includes center and 'B' logo center cap cover. The reason is that Blizzak are the very best for winter imho, a one-piece rim is best so that salt/sand/etc does not harm like can happen with multi-piece rims' screws/bolts and the chrome adds another barrier of protection (and look great). Selling at $3200+ shipping as these are literally bolt on and go ready with TPS and everything.

Rims/Tires located in southwest New Hampshire USA.
e-mail me at [email protected] for pics.
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