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I joined the forum last night in the desperate attempt that someone could help me locate some photo's.
Many years ago my Father who is now 72 owned a 1932 Rolls-Royce 20/25 and a 1925 Bullnose Morris. Sometime in the early 70’s he was asked to attend a charity event by, i think, either the Rolls-Royce or Morris owners club in Brighton. He loaded the Morris onto a trailer and towed it with the Rolls-Royce, along with the whole family, from our home in Crewe, Cheshire to Brighton.
It must have been some sight and even my Father can’t believe that he did it now but says that the car never missed a beat all the way there and back.
The reason for the post is that one of my Fathers biggest regrets, along with selling the cars, is that although he says that literally hundreds of pictures were taken along the route he never actually took any himself. In fact he only has one picture himself of each vehicle.
I know it’s a long shot but if there are any pictures out there anywhere i would love to surprise him with it, he would be grateful beyond belief.
My e-mail is [email protected]
Many thanks in advance (i hope).
P.S. I'll place this message in the photo section too.
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