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What is the letter designation on the end of Lucas Relay Numbers.Example(33269 a ) or (33270 b) ?

I have a 72 Shadow LRA12701 and the parts manual designates most of the relays numbers end in the letter a .

I suspect this may have something to do with the mounting lugs? :?:

When looking for spares it is difficult to find any with the a designation,a .

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The "classic style" Lucas relays that were used in cars from Crewe were almost all 6RA relays. Lucas then used what were called "engineering numbers" to differentiate within the 6RA line, and those are the numbers you refer to.

Lucas has replaced this numbering system with new catalog numbers that have been in use for quite a few years now.

The best cross-reference between the old 6RA engineering numbers and the new international catalog numbers I ever found now appears to have vanished from the internet. Luckily, I made a copy I'd be willing to share.

A quick rundown of a few common ones:

Old 6RA New Int'l
Eng. No -> Catalog No

33222F -> SRB146
33213 or 33302B -> SRB111

The 2006 Lucas catalog shows the following as the new part numbers for the 6RA Relay range: SRB111, SRB146, SRB113, SRB131, SRB143, SRB146, SRB201, SRB220, SRB230, SRB301

When I wanted the information regarding what old 6RA number mapped to the new numbers I e-mailed [email protected] to get it "straight from the horse's mouth" so to speak.
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