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michael kors soldes earthquake not only cause great suffering to the city, also will make the country suffered huge losses. China is a multi earthquake country, the seismic intensity of 6 degrees and above accounted for 79% of land area, most of which is the rural. This century in China caused by the earthquake has nearly 1600, directly at the city causing damage or loss of earthquake is less than 2%, the rest have occurred in rural.
Show that the
several earthquake, the collapse of the housing in rural areas is the main reason for veste Spyder the earthquake disaster. This is because the rural housing lack of standardized management, the poor quality of housing, not only can not resist the strong earthquake, is about 6 moderate earthquakes, even strongly felt earthquake will cause damage to housing and to pay a heavy price. Therefore, to improve the seismic performance of taschen michael kors rural housing, avoid or effective means to mitigate earthquake disaster.
A, building ceinture Hermes pas cher damage
the foundation is not solid, the structure strength is insufficient, building materials is not qualified, the poor quality of construction is the main reason of rural houses damaged by the earthquake.
construction rough, poor quality of construction may aggravate the earthquake disaster, mainly in the following two aspects:
1, internal and external wall only leave straight Cha, no Rachel; wall is not correct, the wall deflection; stirrup spacing is too large; construction joint treatment of inappropriate.
2, Bao Xinzhu, the band knife grey, vertical brick soldier empty raquettes tennis babolat bucket walls are construction method error backward.
two, site selection and foundation
1, select the terrain is relatively flat open soil, building a hard place, away from the lake, pond shore and unstable slopes.
2, according to the site condition to build different types of foundation, the material should be: brick concrete strength ≥ MU7.5, ≥ C10, mortar strength ≥ M5, rubble as a hard lump.
concrete, as the name suggests, is a building material of three kinds of materials through the preparation, tamping derived, different regions have different concrete. But the slaked lime is indispensable, which exist without cement or cement in singular disadvantage, so that in the cement concrete, it is wrong.
Chinese geological the existence of a large number of "sub clay" commonly known as "red" loess "". In the;
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