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I have a couple questions regarding the late SY carb setup and also the choke on basically all V8s.

The early V8 with the HS and HD carbs seem simple enough to set up. Close both butterflies, reconnect linkage and use the volume screw on each carb to match airflow. HIF7 equipped cars have no volume screws which on other brands isn't a problem as you can just use the individual throttle stops on each carb to sync. All V8s use a single throttle stop which sounds tricky if you don't have any volume screw to play around with. In the SZ manual there's documentation on the "eccentric adjuster" linkage and how it should be used to sync the carbs in place of the volume screws. Does it just allow for unequal tension on the butterflies much like an individual stop would do?

The second part is the choke. As most of you probably know on other SU equipped cars there is no real choke, just a super simple swivel link that drops the jet and operates the throttle. I understand the idea behind the exhaust heated spring and the switch operated cold-weather solenoid, but I don't seem to understand is the linkage behind all this. Is the choke always active on a cold motor, regardless of tapping the throttle? To add to the confusion, I still have no idea how the high idle is set with the accelerator pedal and is also able to cancel itself when warm. Basically, how do the choke and high idle linkage relate?

Thank you.
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