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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've recently acquired a 1987 Rolls Royce Silver Spur. Its not a complete shed, but being honest it's probably towards the bottom of pile. I'm aware of this but I like it and its cheap enough that i can treat it as a project to learn on; rather than being obliged to do a restoration to factory level. I genuinely believe it would have been touch and go whether it would be stripped for parts.

It desperately needs a polish and does have a one of two rust scabs. It also has more than a few serious electrical gremlins.

For the bodywork I'm fairly confident I can do a reasonable job of the polishing myself. I never really done body repair but the wheel arch particularly needs attention and I think i'd like to tackle that myself too. My car was originally black but now is "some kind of" blue - i'm very much hoping it's Rolls' Royal Blue but who knows.

From what I can tell from the bonnet tag it also started life with black leather interior. Although it still has black carpets, roof leather and piano black wood; the seats and door cards etc are now all magnolia - it actually doesn't look as bad as you'd think.

Normally I'd be more comfortable with the electrical issues - I've had my fair share of Jaguar and BMW V12s. But the volume of issues coupled with the knowledge that the whole interior has at some point been replaced worries me slightly. I just hope the two facts are unrelated. Some of the highlights are:

  • Interior lights blow fuses repeatedly
  • No dash lights
  • No wipers
  • No blower motor - although the vent control/mixer seems to be working
  • One headlight has no full beam
  • No running lights at rear
  • No reverse lights
  • Passenger seat control make the seats go wonky
  • Rear windows dont operate.
  • temp says -50
  • fuel flap doesn't open - although unlocks
I'm sure a lot of you will already have guessed from the above I'm probably going to need a fair bit of assistance. Dont worry I know how this stuff works, I promise to at least try the search function before posting.

I guess that about cover its for now, I'll post up more specific question as they arise so thanks in advance.

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Piano Black Interior/wood.

June 87 Silver Spur, trim badge says:

a3726 | <<blank>> | 07

Seems to decode to black leather, no/matching piping and 07 carpets which i took to be black.

Paint is 9510458 which seems to decode to (mason) black, my car is very definitely blue but you can sand down to a layer of prime, then a layer of black and another layer of primer. I took it that whomever changed the paint colour also changed the seats, door card and under dash but left the wood.

I believe the Americans would term the original setup "triple black"


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