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this is Sac à Main celine made into a telescopic style.
this is telescopic, more suitable for notebook.
this is a window into the dresser a computer desk and a woman. Creative. It is not convenient people sit.
this is relatively simple.
this design I love, if I do, only do half window.
a little fashion
this is also good.
the right one and my desk is like, but not Piaochuang my room, depressed.
this is cool..
in order to save the bedroom space, usually put the bed next to the veste Spyder window, window and into a bedside cabinet, entertainment district, cabinets, office area, sun room, reception area, and even the bedroom....
tea, chat, enjoy the scenery, read a book, rest, the sun, entertainment, office, chess... Only you can not think of, no it does not change the!... Beckoning, then use your imagination to transform the little paradise...
reasonably use Piaochuang, may bring the beat all effect for the bedroom, also can increase indoor space in the visual area. Make good use of this "treasure house", let it become "lots of gold". Let your home from my window.
window to the bedroom window into a small bedroom, to create a new world for the baby. The big BB bed are placed on the windowsill, home province a originally placed BB bed space, feel more refreshing. At the top you can hang up colorful Piaochuang Taiwan Music lamp or big cartoon bear hug, let the baby any time will not feel lonely.
window into the lounge window into a place of rest, have a look of books here, afternoon tea, but also about a chat with friends, spend a good time together.
window into room two tatami mat tea, play chess chat have a costume gucci pas cher place. Compared with other parts of the living room, here not only excellent ventilation and lighting, can also look to the outside world, what is there against it.
to wake up or enjoy the sunshine stars who try. If the window is very large, two or three meters long, one meter wide, can put the Piaochuang design into SAC hermes BIRKIN a small single bed! To retain the original marble table, in the lighting glass (mostly sac gucci homme Piaochuang three face lighting) hung Rome screens or;
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