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I just joined, hello. oK long story realy but her goes. I work at Gatwick airport I am a vehicle mechanic by trade , been working at the airport for 24 years now. I don't actually work on cars or trucks anymore but work on an Transit system , a train which connects the north to south terminal.
Its basically working on a heavy comercial vehicle.
I to complecate things live in Italy so when i finish my shifts i return home.
I have a friend who has a body shop in Bologna, and he has restored a Silver Shadow 1969 6.2 which is very nice, I have not known him long but he helps me out lots with my car so in return i help him.
So I am here to ask technical questions as i have to work on this great car. So this is my story and i hope to ask all your expertise shortly

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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