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I bought an old Silver Shadow (1973) from an auto dealer in Florida last Spring and he lived up to the reputation given to used car salesmen.

The Rolls, advertised on E-bay with photos and description "Like new, inside and out" was sadly lacking when the truck delivered it to my house.
I knew I was deceived when the driver started it up with the sound of an old jalopy. It was a deathtrap, with carbon monoxide leaking from the holes in the exhaust pipe right through the rusted out floor panels into the cabin.

The brakes "partial failure" light was illuminated and when I applied the brakes after moving forward, I heard a painful, metal on metal sound from the front passenger side wheel.

Well, what can you expect from a 36 year old car that was advertised as a Florida car (but only during the last five years), originally from New Jersey (Do they use salt on the roads during the winter in New Jersey)

OK, enough sniveling from me, I accept responsibility for not having the car checked first and gambling that the dealer who dealt in the more exotic cars was reputable. The car has its typical problems of door window malfunctions, but it does have some good pluses. It was painted a beautiful two-tone maroon color recently and is quite shiny. The body is very straight and the interior is quite good. The engine starts up readily (though the starter is quite loud) and all the electrical lights work and even the A.C. is functioning. Putting the car in Drive however produces a "jarring" when the transmission engages. a problem there, plus the car sits up high on the rear end and too low on the front.

I am 100% naive about the mechanics of this Rolls, though I can be mechanically successful, working on old bulldozers and even replaced the head gasket of an old Toyota a few years back

I realize the braking and leveling system of these cars are quite complex and even read posts that they are "over engineered". I did buy "The Shadow Owners' Companion" and after digesting that, I will try to gather as much information from forum members on how to overhaul the brake and leveling system.

Thanks, Ray
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