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Hi All,

I've just joined this forum, and am hoping to connect with a knowledgeable and helpful community of people. Looking through the forums, I'm see that there are many bright and friendly members here.

I'm in the process of restoring a RHD 1979 Silver Shadow II. My current gremlin is as follows, and I hope someone will have a bit of insight:

Last week, I had the flywheel replaced and the THM400 transmission overhauled. Of course, all that was touched electrically were some ignition wires and a grounding strap. However, since reconnecting those few things, the climate control system will NOT turn on when the key is on. However it WILL turn on when the key is out. It fact, it will turn on even when the fuse is removed. The transmission guy, who did the work, insists that he reconnected everything correctly, and is willing to examine what he did with a test probe. I'm guessing he did something wrong, and isn't really qualified as an electrical technician to make the correction as transmissions are his forte, so I have trepidations about bringing the car back to him to poke around on electrically.

Perhaps this issue is simply a coincidence? Could a relay have burnt up while I was driving the vehicle home? I'm not sure what to think here. This is an odd dilemma.

Has anyone ever experienced this issue? Happen to know the solution?

Thanks in advance for any help you have to offer!

Kevin Jones,
Parker, CO.

P.S. Does anyone know of a good RR/Bentley repair shop in the Denver metro area?
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